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Are there any substances that affect CGM readings? (Vitamin C/Asprin)



  • Kasey Vitto

    So I am assuming Aspirin can cause a false reading as well since it is in the title? It did not go into greater detail about aspirin specifically so I just want to confirm.

  • Ravi Makadia

    Yes, it can also cause false readings based on the manufacturer's guidance. However, in practice, we have not seen it happen as consistently as it does with high doses of Vitamin C. Thanks for pointing this out we will get this article updated to clarify.

  • Kasey Vitto

    thanks for clarifying :]

  • Aine Sweeney

    So does taking a sauna affect it too? Or does heat raise the amount of glucose in my body? Is the sauna negatively affecting me?

  • Boris Berjan


      Sauna, cold plunges and HIIT cardio all raise blood sugar naturally. As long as you log the activity it will not negatively impact your score. The only caveat is if the data shows the body is having a hard time coming back to normal, in that case we would deduct points due to too much stress.


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